Apr 29

Random Thoughts at Midnight After Getting Home From C2E2 2013

Confession Time: (Because I am still wide awake now for no reason and was looking at Sailor Moon pictures) So, I used to be in a sorority in college because my mom thought I would make more friends and it would look good on my resume. Yes, yes, I know… The girls were all sweet and I was lucky I was in a sorority that was actually really nice; but I totally didn’t fit in. The moment I really knew I was the odd duckling in the house was when I was forced to replace my alarm clock. I had this AWESOME Sailor Moon clock that played the theme song as the alarm. (OMG, I found a video of it, holy s*%&! http://youtu.be/gNtTD985vGc) Apparently, when you have to sleep in a huge room with 20 other girls in bunk beds because you’re the freshman class, the girls really find your alarm clock annoying. 2 weeks into my freshman year, I was forced to get a boring alarm clock and that’s when I knew that, as sweet as the girls were I was very different from everyone else. After my freshman year, I transferred colleges to be closer to family and my new college didn’t have a chapter of my sorority to I automatically became an alum. While I still consider myself a member and have some great memories with the girls, that was when I really realized that I just needed to embrace who I was instead of trying to be someone that I’m not. That was when I started to become proud of being a geek. And now, years later, I’m a proud lover of all things geeky. And I show my love by cosplaying the characters that I adore, by the artists I admire and getting the chance to meet the most amazing and interesting people at cons from other fans just like me to the people I admire.

Anyway, I thought I would share that random tidbit about me because I am still awake for some uncanny reason and I have work in the morning. Ok, off to force myself to sleep. We should have these chats more often. :)


  1. Garry Harris

    I just wanted to say I think your very beautiful and you do a good job looking like a real anime character and I call myself a fan lol. The sucks about the alarm clock, It sounds cool. I wonder if they have a DBZ alarm clock that plays Rockin Dragon. The C2E2 looked amazing this year. I have never been to one yet and I was hoping to go this year, but I’m deployed in Afghanistan right now. Well I guess there’s always next year lol.

  2. AJ

    Thanks for sharing. I know how you feel. I was in the USMC for awhile, shooting cannons and what not, learning to kill, but just not for me. I was also on tour with major rocks bands and could have kept doing it for the rest of my life, partying all night and day, but instead I just sit at home and play video games all day.

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