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Soldiers of Karma

Days of bliss seem a life time ago, as he inflicts brutal punishment with no mercy to the heinous predators that cross his path... but they are not. Peaceful memories of a life dedicated to positive energy remind YAN GOODMAN that no matter how cold his actions, his morals will not betray him. Yan never wanted the curse of VISION in the first place, and wishes he didn’t see shocking acts of immoral misconduct when he looked into their eyes. He reacts to it the way many in his position would, bearing witness to such disturbing atrocities, yet the CONSEQUENCES to his actions have cost him everything. Everything, that is, but a small remainder of his heart, which struggles every day to justify the BALANCE of the eye for an eye code of ethics that drives him forward. Throw into the equation a woman, a vigilante recruiter, and a public figure with a secret, and discover Yan as the compassionate man he is sensitive to many emotions. That’s not a favorable quality for someone who cracks open skulls with his nunchuks!