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REVIEW: DoraNonnie (Glen Head, New York)

REVIEW: DoraNonnie (Glen Head, New York)

Postby Brimstone » Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:52 pm

716 Glen Cove Ave
Glen Head, NY 11545
(516) 759-9100

Categories: Asian Fusion, Italian

Hey all you Food Hounds out there... it's ole' Brim taking point on this Tidbit Review! We had the privilege of dining at DoraNonnie Tappas & Wine Bar; the new restaurant of Top Chef - Season 5 contestant, Danny Gagnon. Nestled inside the comfy deliciousness of Bernard's Market & Cafe, a landmark in Glen Head, New York is a serious gem for true foodies. Now even though I may seem to be a tad bit partial because I know Danny for quite some time now... I can assure you that when it comes to food -- I don't play favorites!

First comes first, let me tell you that the ambiance of the restaurant itself is fantastic. It is the perfect type of location you are looking for to either take a new potential significant other on a first date or for the couple married many years looking for a romantic evening out away from the kids. This is certainly the environment that I would be looking to take a business client I'd want to impress; it is clean, quiet and the service is impeccable. Now that I've covered the place itself... let's talk about the food. OMG the food!!!

DoraNonnie boasts a theme of Italian-Asian Fusion that I have rarely seen done right. Not only does Gagnon do it right; but the Hounds including yours truly were literally blown away! I've had the pleasure of dining on Danny's cuisine in the past and it's always been good; however the food that we witnessed on this specific evening was hands down spectacular from presentation to taste.

We started off with a variety of different flavors from the Tapas Menu including a few things that I never thought I would eat... ever! Long Island Duck Tacos took the win for me with flavor that will make your taste-buds pop! The blend of the shredded, lightly seasoned duck combined with pickled radish, avocado mousse and a lightly fried tortilla was phenomenal. We had the Mozzarella Pillow to which you could die for... seriously, I almost choked on the cheese! It was lightly breaded and fried to a slight crisp, served with the most amazing tomato sauce (Remember... we speak Sauceanese and it spoke to us!) and it was every bit as fluffy as we were told. Another interesting tasty treat we had were the Pork & Beef Meatball Lollipops which were slammin! It was like a full Italian meal in every bite as they were VERY flavorful aside from being drizzled with aged balsamic reduction.

Next I was thrown a curve-ball... Sweet Soy Calamari. You want the truth, I was scared! Don't get me wrong, the presentation was fantastic; but I have never eaten Calamari before, nor did I ever want to experience it. Well, I went for it and literally could not stop eating it! It was bursting with vibrant flavor reminiscent of a sweeter General Tso's Chicken. The calamari was lightly fried and tossed with fire roasted red peppers (amazing bright red color), shaved scallions and flat leaf parsley with surprisingly no fishy flavor whatsoever. I'd definitely order that again. Speaking of fish, we were brought an order of the Pan Seared Scallops which as far as scallops are concerned were ginormous! I personally did not partake in this dish simply because of a potential allergy issue (good excuse); however the rest of the crew killed the plate! They were served on a bed of saffron parsnip puree and sauteed cherry tomatoes. We had the Ginger Poached Chicken Lettuce Cups which in my opinion were ok, I wasn't a fan. Lastly, we had the Sicilian Asian Braised Short Ribs Sliders which were BOSS! The sliders' sauce was on point and left me speechless. Topped with eggplant caponata and nestled between a brioche bun... this was a serious win!

For the main course, we enjoyed the Applewood Smoked Bacon Penne alla Vodka (and I took home the Marinated Skirt Steak... shhh...!!!). The penne was really delicious; but paled in comparison to the flavor of the aforementioned Tapas items. It was delicious, creamy and did not have an overwhelming bite to it as some other vodka sauces do. The skirt steak on a side note was good; loved the marinade but I would have preferred to eat it there rather than hoping for it to survive my 45 minute ride back home. We finished off the meal with an array of delicious delectables including a chocolate molten lava cake and pistachio-lemon cake. Perfect end to a great meal!

As far as pricing is concerned, everything is extremely reasonable with your highest priced entree at $22. We really had a wonderful time at this Tidbit and will probably be back again soon to try some of the other concoctions that they have available. Furthermore, Bernard's itself has an array of amazing food (not all prepared by Gagnon) as well as plenty to see in its market. Certainly worth your time and shekels to take a visit.

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