Soul Heir

Our story takes place on a strange and distant world; a world of mortals, monsters, and machines; a world where magic and technology intertwine.

In Imperial City, a powerful hero opposes the criminal forces that infect the city like a cancerous plague. His mission is one of revenge as he fights against a relentless tide of assassins, bounty hunters, war machines, and creatures conjured from the darkest abyss.

Gifted with incredible superhuman powers this warrior has vowed to rid his city of evildoers and to reestablish the glory and dominance of a once mighty order or peacekeepers.

His quest will take him from deserted wastelands to the opulent palaces of royalty and will put him on a path littered with dangerous foes, powerful allies, a forgotten past, and an ancient prophecy that will soon come to pass; the prophecy of the Soul Heir.