The universe is not as we think. In fact, its existence is made up of 5 realms. They are Heaven, Hell, Earth, Limbo, and Utopia. You may have heard of them. Separated by a dimensional void, each exists as its own reality, with its own rules.

The four “magical” realms revolve around a center point, which is Earth, which was at one time the gateway through which all the other realms passed, but, after the wars in heaven, it was God who shut the paths between realms, to protect the humans from the dangers that lurk in the other worlds.

But in closing the doors, the Earth was shut off from all life outside of our planet, and slowly it began to die, as the humans, like a virus, over-populated and over-developed the entire planet, until there was nothing left. No one was available to guide them, no one to teach them. And finally, in the time now long forgotten, there was a war. It destroyed most of the human race, leaving the survivors amidst an endless decaying city, the remaining people, struggling for their very survival.

Now an enemy has shown his face. He is Janus, the God of Doorways and Passages, a unique gift that allows him to open the doorways between the realms, and for unknown reasons he has re-opened the doors to all Five Realms, like a floodgate, spilling countless creatures, demons, angels and warriors into the planet, forever disrupting the natural order of things.

Among this infusion of un-earthly inhabitants is Slave. Yes, his name is Slave. At least that’s what he thinks. He’s been in Hell for so long that he doesn’t remember anything about who he is. He just knows that they called him Slave. So that’s his name.

But the mystery to Slave’s past is also the key to his future. And every step that Slave takes toward unlocking that mystery allows him to grow more powerful. With his newfound love for freedom, is the power within him strong enough to overcome the horrors that have been unleashed upon the world? He will cross the realms, battle his enemies, and suffer any consequence in order to regain his memory, to remember who and what he really is, and in doing so, create a new future, outside of the pit, and into the light.