Brimstone and his staff are some of the hardest working people in the entertainment industry today. Good Luck!
- Lon D.

 The simple fact that "Brimstone" is still around, making things happen after a number of years clawing, scratching, and being on the grind, says a lot. And he's just getting started. #Respect
- Derrick E.

Hound Comics is amazing!! I remember back when it was only 'Brimstone and the Borderhounds'....and now they have tons of titles, i's always awesome to see them at conventions, and not to mention all the other cool stuff they do with food reviews their seasonings and sauces, toys, backpacks (that made a cameo on the big bang theory!!) and so much more. Kudos to Brim, and the whole Hound Team. You guys deserve so much for everything you've done for the comic book community. I dont care if it's not Marvel/DC or what have you, Hound Comics has a face, not just a name. <3
- Nate M.

Your Food Hound segments are fantastic! You can take the fast food world by storm! Look how popular Grub Grade is....announcing and reviewing new Fast Food items. But you all take it to another level!!! Keep doing more of this please!!!
- Christy

You saw me at the Great Allentown Comic Con this year in July I think it was, and then again at the last one in November. Anyway, here I am finally emailing you about your kick-ass comic! I'm so glad I came by your booth, because Brimstone and the Borderhounds is right up my alley! I read the first comic and I was hooked. Two pages in... [the story is] starting off with a bang, action right up front! I loved it! I knew it was gonna be good from then on! Anyway, I love the artistic style, story line, the characters and the touches of humor amongst a dark world. I love the Ghost Hunters references too! Don't change a thing! I can't wait for the animated series, that is gonna be awesome! For some reason, I could totally see it doing well on Adult Swim. I also look forward to the Borderhounds game app. You got something great going! Keep up the awesome work and I'll be looking for your next issue on the shelves!
- Jana  G.

I came to your booth Saturday when you were at Wizard World Austin. I was pretty hesitant about buying the comic at first. I decided to just grab one but yall gave me a great deal so I bought the first 4. Any doubt I had in the comic was completely erased after the first few pages. The comic was just to amazing to put down. There is an incredible atmosphere that sucks me into this comic, and the idea of the afterlife corporations is amazing. My favorite character would have to be Luscious. He brings in a lot of laughs for me. I want to thank you for what yall are doing and I plan to pick up your future comics.
Robert E.

I finally got a chance to read the four books you sold me and let me tell you I'm hooked. The dialogue, illustrations, and story line are great. Makes me want to see a tv show version of this lol the story line of brimstone and his anchor billy is great, I'm curious how far that goes. And what brimstones brother has to do with trying to kill him and so forth. But yea man I was totally impressed. This is a great original story that takes hell n souls to a diff level. This is better than ghost rider as being more leveled. Thanks again for getting me to get this lol great read n great work
- Jonathan S.

 I just finished reading your comic that I got from midohiocon and I really enjoyed it. I half expected the comic the be cheesy considering one of the guys on the cover wore big sunglasses and a purple scarf. Can't to see what else comes from your studio.
- Stephen W.

 Hey guys I stopped by on Friday at the Forest of Fear at the end of the night and picked up all 4 comics plus the Halloween zombie one any u guys signed all of them. All I can say is wow are you guys are great I got home and couldn't put the comics down. They're the best comics I have read in a long time. I cant wait to see you guys at comic con.
- David C.

"I love the depth of each of the characters, so much thought has gone into who all the BORDERHOUNDS characters are... I love the artwork!!! I think it has a lot of potential..."
- Bob Rozakis
Formally of DC Comics (Served 17 years as Head of DC's Production Department)

 "I really dig the humor that you're putting into what normally is a dreary kind of concept."
- Jacob Chabot
Darkhorse Comics The Mighty Skullboy Army

 “Looking good! Nice forms and line quality with solid anatomy.”
- Jim Lee
Marvel, DC & Image