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  Appears in: The Protector

  Alias: Allen Adams

  Born: Northport Farmlands

  Species: Human/Mutant

  Siblings: None

  Occupation: Insurance Investigator, Caped Crusader

  Height: 6' 1"

  Weight: 210 lbs.

  Hair: Brown

  Eyes: Brown

  Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Invulnerability

  Personality: Courteous, Pleasant, Outgoing, Smart, Calm, Calculated



Allen was born in 1915 to Thomas and Betty Adams. He was raised on their farm in Northport, just an hour outside of Republic City. As he grew up, Allen worked alongside his father at a steel mill doing lots of heavy lifting. It was there that Thomas initially took notice of his son's extraordinary strength. Being the type to know a miracle when he saw one, Thomas immediately began to nurture and encourage Allen's abilities. Over the years, as Allen grew into adulthood, he and his father would "exercise" as they called it, slowly discovering and honing any and all powers Allen had. It wasn't long after that before Allen made the realization that he should use his powers for good. And after a lengthy discussion with both his mother and father, Allen made the decision to move to Republic City (an ever expanding metropolis riddled with organized crime) and fight injustice as The Protector.

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