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  Appears in: Another Cold Day: Part I-IV; the Animated Series

  Voiced By: Jose Edward 'Eddie' Castillo

  Full Name: Unknown

  Born: Earth

  Species: Human

  Siblings: Dawg, Brother

  Occupation: Borderhound, Xibalba

  Height: 6' 3"

  Weight: 350 lbs.

  Hair: Brown

  Eyes: Brown

  Personality: Eclectic Humor, Flamboyant


Luscious is best known for his undying adoration for anything chicken. Whether it is a full roast sitting on a spit, or the delicate flavor of a chicken stew, Luscious will find something to love about it. With his love of life, and his current death, his Weeper nature and looming humanity do not bother him in the Wastelands. He is still able to pull a laugh even from the gruffest and most unsavory characters of Hell. He is the muscle, with looming height and weight that make him literally larger than life. Luscious will always take a bite out of those he considers evil... with a splash of barbecue sauce. In spite of all his strength, and ability to contend with body builders, he has a soul sweet enough to bake in grandma's cookies. Brimstone witnesses Luscious’ love of being human and it brings out more of his own humanity.

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