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  Appears in: Krossfire #0: Aftermath

  Real Name: Unknown 

  Occupation: Black Ops/Affiliated with Peace C.o.r.p.s.

  Base: Unknown 

  Height: 6' 2"

  Weight: 250 lbs.

  Weapons: Laser based ammo, armor suit

  Powers/Skills: Krossfire War Suit: The originality of the Krossfire War
     Suit specialty tecnology fabric is unbreakable to known war weapons
     created by man. The Helmet: is virtual reality viewing. It scans objects
     from unlimited ranges; no blind spots. Warning system installed. Laser
: will penetrate through any earthly material.


The Krossfire program started long before WWI, however, it was developed in the 1940's. The Krossfire technology is the new wave of artillery for the next step for mankind in the start of the extinction of planets, civilizations, and world domination. The Krossfire artillery is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaur. It was in an early state of development, then. It has been considered the "A-Bomb" of man-made weapons, however, it possesses a billion times that strength. The destruction then was more than expected. With its artillery, it can eliminate any planet in its sight. The possession and location of this weapon is unknown, but, it is out there in existance today. Hopefully, it does not end up in the wrong hands.

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