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Robert Wallace,
Graphic Designer

I was born in Fort Wayne Indiana and grew up in Decatur. I grew up with an artistic eye and could put it down on paper. I went to a summer school as a child for art and learned some things that were new and exciting to me. I learned to express myself in my art by putting feeling behind it.

In high school, I took almost every art class they offered. I did pottery, painting, drawing, mixed medium art, AutoCAD, and photography. They literally had to throw me out of the photography's dark room daily. I further expanded my talents in many different fields of art such as digital and image manipulation.

After high school I was in an accident that left me bedridden for four months. It gave me the chance to explore further avenues of art that I had never done before. I soon went into photography full time for a number of years before deciding to return to school for graphic design. I got married in 2006 and began my schooling again in 2007. Since then I have grown leaps and bounds in my training and in my work. I ventured into working with Streetlight Graphics and started Streetlight Apparel in 2008 as a partner. As of 2011 I moved on from Streetlight Apparel to start my own brand of graphic design and that was when StrangeCraft Design was born. I am currently expanding my technique and taking it to different levels that are new and exciting. I plan on continuing in a state of learning because a man that learns and has a purpose, is a man that continues to grow.


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