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Mark Vuycankiat,
Creator, Writer, Artist

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Ever since Mom taught me how to use a pencil I never let it go, so I've been drawing as far as I can remember. Now, I'm a veteran penciler, I dabble in ink-toning & I have an ongoing struggle with straight lines & rulers.

Around '92-'94 I thought I got lucky as my very first job was a penciler in a local comic studio. Pumped out 4 issues... it didn't pan out well as my art was still too "young". So, I tried my hand in book illustrations for a year, then trained in animation & i-b/clean-up for a couple more years. I got hired for a year.

After a really long "forced vacation" I finally got a break: Did some storyboard clean-ups for a live-action (Hongkong) romance-comedy movie.

Finally, found my strength and went back to comics and got hired by Studio 407 to work on a few issues and a lot of character designs. This was the start of my awesome "Indy-comics" life! I became a regular Penciler and Art Director of Studio EDGE comics, John Hunt of hired me to do a couple of issues and do some art-correction on some of his previous pages, Matt Dursin got me to design his characters and pencil his Robin Hood #1, Jeremy Matcho also hired me to create and pencil, along with the cover, of his project "Hollins City", Cedric Hood contacted me to do the first issue & character designs for his Messiah City title and co-create his "The Traumatic Case of Patient 25" title, then I found Hound Comic's Character design contest this past 2013 and now, here I am.


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