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Alec Urbach,

Founder and Executive Director of
Alec's Animated Schoolhouse

CEO of Worldwise Comics™

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Seventeen year old award winning writer, filmmaker, public speaker and social entrepreneur, Alec is the Founder and Executive Director of Alec's Animated Schoolhouse, which produces revolutionary cartoon-animated film curricula and educational comic books in Science, Math and Hygiene - serving over 240,000 children to date in Ghana, Togo and Botswana, and expanding into Central & South America in 2013; and is CEO of Worldwise Comics™ - a company that produces an original series of global educational comic books for elementary school children, tackling pressing social issues like: bullying, negative peer pressure, the importance of staying in school, diversity, etc. A portion of all Worldwise Comics™ proceeds goes to fund underserved elementary schools in the U.S., Africa and South America.

"As a filmmaker, I think about things in frames and panels. As a dedicated student, I have a particular stance on education: that the traditional methods of teaching and delivering education should be different for children with different learning styles. We tend to think that one size fits all in our educational process. However, for each student who learns something the traditional way, there are two who learn it differently. We understood this need to see things through cartoons, animal drawings, comics and comic videos when we were in nursery and kindergarten - so did our teachers and administrators. We didn't just hear about numbers, or see numbers on a textbook page or write numbers, we colored them, cut them out, built them, sang about them. Then it ends. But there are children who continue to learn best through parts: the visual, the auditory, the tactile... they need those other tools in order to get that equation; grasp the moral; infer from an experiment. We, as educational innovators and 'serial deconstructors,' need to provide those tools to help kids BECOME. Teach them the parts... they'll create the whole. I find that if we put the printed word in front of children who do not have strong language skills, they may have a hard time with it, but film and cartoons break down or deconstruct the concept and teach without us really feeling the medicine go down. The stars of the Animated Schoolhouse are funny, loveable creatures that are accessible to every child."

Alec is a frequent TEDx presenter (you can watch one TEDx presentation HERE); was a torchbearer for the 2012 London Olympics; was chosen by Youth Service America as one of The 25 Most Powerful and Influential Young People; is a 2012 Winner of the National Caring Award; a winner of the Nestle Very Best in Youth Award; chosen as a 2012 Global Teen Leader by Three Dot Dash; winner of the Milton Fisher Scholarship Award for Innovation & Creativity; and recipient of the Presidential Service Award.


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