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Ocie Taylor,
Creator, Writer & Illustrator

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     "To keep it simple, I'm just a guy who loves to draw. I've been drawing on and off for most of my life but it was mostly for my own amusement. Other than a few art classes in high school, I don't have any formal art training but I love great art and that alone has been a source of inspiration, forcing me to better my craft.
      In regards to the industry that we're in... I'm a total newbie but my love for the craft and a desire to see my characters printed on paper and in the hands of comic book lovers everywhere has pushed me to learn more about the industry and how it works and flows and my main goal is to make awesome comic books for comic book fans everywhere.
     Our flagship title Soul Heir, is a project that I've been working on for a number of years. When I originally put Soul Heir together, I had planned to pitch it to an animated studio as a four part movie. However, I had no idea how to pitch it to a studio or which studio to pitch it to. So for fun (and being the control freak that I am when it comes to my art) I began storyboarding the first saga of Soul Heir. From that process came the idea of why not just make it into a comic book? BRILLIANT!
     Once that was decided on, I needed a company name, a label, something catchy that people would remember and thus was born Skribblboy Comixart Productions and I set out on the journey of making my dreams a reality. So I pulled my brother off the shelf, told him to shake off the cobwebs, and enlisted his help in putting it together and even though we wreck each other's nerves to no end, there's no one I trust more.
     There have been many changes and re-writes to Soul Heir over the years but we've finally got things lined out and now it's off to the races with the help of our new family at Hound Comics I'm sure we'll get there. We're still in our infant stages, trying to get our faces and artwork noticed by the masses but we're looking forward to big things.
     Our biggest and most focus driven goal is to produce awesome comic books for comic book lovers everywhere; to give our readers and fans a visually entertaining treat that will keep them coming back for more. Because the one thing we do understand about the industry is that there would be no successful artists, or label, if there weren't die hard fans spending their hard earned money on the books being produced. And to that truth we vow to never let down our current or future fans!
     On a more personal note, I am a father of 6 (that's right) 6 beautifil childrenranging in ages from 19 years old to 1 year old and this past June I recently became a grandfather. I've been married to an incredible and AWESOME woman for the last 17 years and after much pondering I've decided to keep her around for the long haul. Praises and accolated from fans and other artists are wonderful to receive and go a long way in motivating artists but my family is by far my biggest fans, supporters, and motivators."


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