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Frank "Nolak" Lamberti,
Chief Information Officer

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Since he could pick up a crayon Frank was an artist at heart, always drawing his favorite comic book heroes. Having a passion for art and desire for the industry, he began his education in Illustration and Graphic Design. Over the years, Frank worked as a freelance artist and later an aspiring web designer and webmaster; developing websites for both clients and as a volunteer.

Knowledge gathered over several years of freelancing as a hobby in IT, he took over the position of Webmaster in the New York chapter of the 501st Legion, the Empire City Garrison.  Stretching his autodidactic experience, he took over the Webmaster position once again with the Krayt Clan, a detachment of the 501st.

With two years of schooling under his belt, and several years of autodidactic training, Frank saw how technology and other computerized media was changing the field of design and shifted his study to IT at the University of Phoenix, AXIA branch.  Through the Associates program in Information Technology and Visual & Media Communications he was awarded his Associates degree in 2007.  Following the same path for his Bachelors, Frank finished the program in 2012.

It was in 2010 when a fellow member of the ECG introduced Frank to his future graphic design partner, Brimstone, to take over the reigns of Brimstone's personal professional website Brimstone Wrestling.  Combining his company, Nolak Web Design, Frank and Brimstone created Nolastone Web Design which has come under the special service umbrella of companies at Hound Comics, Inc.


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