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Matthew Howerter,
Colorist and Creator

Born far too long ago, Matt is one of those guys who grew up loving to draw, watching cartoons and playing RPGs (the kind where you sit at a table and the other players are generally in the same room with you).

He learned fairly quickly that athletes don't get beaten up as much as nerds do, so he transformed himself into a Jock/Nerd hybrid during those difficult years of middle school and high school. This was also when he learned that people could actually make money from drawing (not much but it's something).

From that point on he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life... architecture.

The magnitude of this epic fail of a decision cannot be put into words. Let's just say that Matt lost 2 years of his life and a ton of money to college courses he would never use again. Through dedication, diligence and desperation Matt changed his major to Visual Communications (to you younger people that means Graphic Design) and graduated having spent only 6 years in college.

With his quickly earned degree Matt was easily able to land a job at a window building factory, handling sheets of glass all day with no gloves. After almost severing his right thumb he realized he had applied to the wrong department and ultimately for the wrong job entirely... Thus his design career began.

Graduating from The University of Oklahoma in 1995 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Matt has worked in many different environments, taking on rolls as designer, illustrator and art director. He now resides in Norman, Oklahoma with his wonderful wife and two children.

His true love has always been illustration and story telling, which he hopes to do both with Hound Comics. 


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