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George Gant,
Creator, Artist

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A true '80s baby, George grew up around what is considered the "Golden Age" of television cartoons and video games. A fan of humor cartoons, George knew he wanted to be a cartoonist since the moment he could pick up a pencil. George spent the majority of his schooling doodling and sketching; in elementary school, he designed the shirts for his graduating class, and in high school he became the cartoonist for his high school newspaper The Hyde Park Indian Express. During his three years as the school cartoonist, he won four awards, and even created a logo for the school as well. He spent a short time in college, where he studied graphic design and information technology, and during this time, he created his first webcomic, The Reset Button, which was updated regularly from 2006 until 2012 with occasional updates since. He also entered the workforce in the retail industry around this time, which coincidentally would eventually impact his desire to be a cartoonist even more.

George found himself working for several coffee shops, for a couple of years apiece, including Starbucks Coffee and Caribou Coffee. During those years, he studied the ins and out of the industry, and the behaviors of the customers. Using this experience, he created the comic strip On the Grind in 2008. In 2010, while still working in the service industry, he attempted to market his comic to national syndicates, with little to no success. He retooled On the Grind as a webcomic in 2011, and has been consistently 'grinding' out new comics to this day. George's comics has also been featured for several company newsletters, including Michaels Arts & Crafts and Aaron Brothers. In 2012, George and On the Grind is now a member of the Hound Family.


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