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Courtney Freeman,
Literary Director and Writer for
Hound Kids Division

Courtney Freeman has written numerous short stories and poems and is a self-proclaimed sci-fi/music addict.  Freeman who was born in 1982, in Corona, NY acquired a taste for writing and music at an early age.  She spent most of her childhood listening to The Beatles, U2 and Rainbow Brite records while writing short stories that won her awards from her local school district and reading her poems over the school loudspeaker during morning announcements.

In 1987, Courtney relocated to Whitestone, NY where she attended Robert F. Kennedy High School -- a small, experimental school which specialized in Community Service and Group Learning where she acquired a love for history by interning at the Kingsland Homestead.  Courtney was voted Most Talented and was Editor-In-Chief of her yearbook staff.  Courtney again relocated to North Miami Beach, Florida for a short time, and then to Pittsburgh, PA during 2006-07.  While in Pittsburgh, she became very aware of the pride the city took in their rich zombie/horror infused culture and heritage (where great masters of the genre, Tom Savini and George Romero had been born and/or attended school, and based the majority of their films).  This inspired her to write her own 10 part episodic zombie love story which was completed late last year, and is currently available for reading online.  Courtney has been published in XLR8R magazine, and continues to write her own short stories on her blog.  She is also part of various musical projects in which she sings and writes music.  In her spare time, she enjoys visiting nearly any location that is considered to be haunted or historic.  She currently resides in Whitestone, NY with her very large, very loud Italian family. 



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