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Keith Foo,

Keith Foo was born in Singapore and raised in Oakville, Canada. Although he was a life-long comic book fan, writing was not initially in the cards for him. Focusing on academics he pursued graduate degrees in Astrophysics and Business. However the allure of writing was too strong to resist any longer. The stories and imagery from the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Hellblazer that he grew up reading would soon heavily influence his writings on the human condition.

Keith's first foray into writing and creating was the role-playing game "World of Lykarnia" in 2007. Returning to his first love, Keith started to dabble with web-comics starting with "Heroes of the Brick" (2009) where he utilized LEGO mini-figures as his subjects. When he needed cover art for his new table-top game Flesh Wounds (2010), he teamed up with artist Kevin Enhart. There he found excellent synergy and passion with his new found friend. In the following year, Keith built a world he intended to turn into a post-apocalyptic role-playing game but he realized the potential of the work and collaborated with Kevin Enhart on The Heindrich Project web-comic instead.

When he is not writing or creating brand new worlds to spoil, Keith is an active member of the Canadian Garrison belonging to the 501st Legion where he helps raise money for children charities. He hopes that with more experience and practice he can further develop his craft and continue to share his worlds with readers everywhere. 


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