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Matthew Cintron,
Gaming Intern

Lots of children are doodlers, but Matthew Cintron was just a little more focused than that. "I was the only kid who was yelled at in art class for drawing," recalled Cintron, now a senior Fine Arts major at Rider, of his grammar-school days. "I wouldn’t even listen long enough to hear the teacher's directions." As it turned out, what may have looked like indifference to instruction was actually a strong interest in art for Cintron, who received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Rider's Undergraduate Commencement on Friday, May 13, 2011.

Before enrolling at Rider, Cintron tightened his craft at the Princeton Science Academy under the tutelage of Paul Mordetsky, who, he says, "got me working in ways I hadn't thought of before." Cintron recalled that his own parents realized his talent, but the influence of Mordetsky, an accomplished painter in his own right, was vital to his development. "With his classes, I got to a fine-arts level of technique," Cintron said.

When it was time to choose a Fine Arts program, the West Windsor, NJ, resident didn’t need to cast his view too far. He was attracted to Rider, not only for the strength of its art program, but for the geographic advantages to be had, too. "I wanted to stay close to home, because I liked the program, but I also wanted to keep my job teaching martial arts," he said.

After Graduating he headed to long island university where he has been studying game design and development in the masters program at CW Post and now is one year away from attaining his masters in digital game design.



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