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Sam Carlin,
Background Artist

Sam Carlin has been drawing since he was just a toddler toting a crayon somewhere deep in Southern New Jersey. At around age 4, Sam discovered the world of comic books when his Grandfather inadvertently molded Sam's future by giving him a 25 cent issue of Tarzan. Soon, Sam began to not only read comics, but study them and then try to emulate and improve upon the artwork that amazed him so. This was Sam's passion, his guilty-pleasure-hobby from childhood through adolescence.

In High School wise old art teachers noticed he had enough talent to be inducted into a Honors Art program. Sam accepted the invitation and earned scholarships to several prestigious Art Schools but instead chose to pursue a vastly different path. Sam joined the United States Marines and honorably served his nation for 4 years. Sam continued to draw and read comics whenever he could and he even managed to get a few of his drawings into the Base Newspaper. Sam, Honorable Discharge in hand, returned to New Jersey and for the next two decades embarked upon what was an exceptional career in Law Enforcement. Sam retired in 2011, young, healthy, and relatively sane. Sam decided it was time to start living his dream of drawing comic books. In early 2011, Sam did freelance illustration work for graphic design firms, heavy metal bands, small presses, and upstart comic book companies. Sam, impressed by Hound Comics, showed Brimstone his portfolio at a convention later in the year.

Sam is married and has two daughters. He currently resides in New Jersey, where he is trapped until the housing market improves.


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