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Brandon Bullock,
Letterer and Graphics

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Brandon Bullock has worked as a freelance Graphic Designer for the past ten years and has been a fan of comic books his whole life. He began self publishing his own comic books, FnA COMIX, back in 2006. Since then he has worked on and has been published by numerous small press companies within the tri-state area. His latest endeavor has been working with John Pross of PROSS COMICS.

Brandon has illustrated numerous pieces and designed promotional material for PROSS. He has written and inked a part of Pross's book, Danger: High Voltage, as well as lettered numerous parts. He has also lettered Slugger: Works Hell with Other, Posers, and Pross's newest book, Average Joe.

Brandon Bullock's art can also be found under Devastating Roulette Studios in Indy Comics Magazine #7, on sale in Previews this August.


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