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Lauren Blake,
Public Relations, Author

Most kids join dance and walk around the mall with their friends from school, but this one particular kid picked up a pencil and created a world with the words it made. From the time she was twelve the pencil had not left her hand. Writing became her passion and love. At school teachers had a hard time teaching her because she would not give them any attention. With an overactive imagination and the love for words L.C. Blake had found her meaning in life.

After High School L.C. Blake had thought she wanted to become a High School English Teacher. She had grown fond of the teenage age and was able to relate to them a lot better than any other age group. Not only would she be surrounded by kids she enjoyed talking and relating to, but she would also have a lot more free time in her life after college to write. It was not until after her first semester at college she had learned that being a teacher may not have been everything she thought it would be.

After a long and hard decision she had decided to take up Professional Writing and Editing as her major and picked up Public Relations and Advertising as her minor. It was not until she attended her first Comi Con at Steel City in Pittsburgh that she learned of the company Hound Comics. With everything that was going on and distracting her at Comic Con she was completely unaware of Brim, who was trying to talk to her. She is now currently engaged to her high school sweetheart and has completed her first novel called, The Shadow Shifter. It is the first teen fiction novel Hound Comics is publishing and the first of its trilogy.


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