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Grace Anderson,
Hound Entertainment Vlogger

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Being born shortly before she moved to Africa with her missionary parents, Grace's life has taken a few interesting turns in her twenty four years. Quickly leaving behind the rampaging fire ants of the serengeti, this feisty Canadian was soon brought back to the true north, strong and free where she grew into a stubborn ball of creativity. With little attention for her mundane schoolwork she lost herself in her art, her anime, the works of Tolkien and the stage. Her lack of patience for science books and lectures was a point of contention with her parents Tom and Evelyn but through it all she managed to graduate high school, finally free from the shackles of her desk. She spared a year of sanity to move to Quebec and study at the University of Quebec but after that it was back to the working world.

After meeting her now husband Travis a few years later things began to change. While he was studying photography Grace found herself finding life stale. Her home life was happy but she needed a hobby, though art was still her main love. She needed a change. Then one day the simple idea of starting a YouTube channel to pour her time into struck a chord in her. Focusing on her love of animation, it was a fun, weekly project to take her mind off her day job. Soon the animation review channel PixieBlossom2012 was born.

Now her husband is finished his degree and working on his own future, with Grace right beside him. Her videos have caught the attention of Hound Comics and she's been brought on to do videos for them too. Hound Highlights focuses on the news, info and weekly releases coming out from the Hound Gang, hosted by the sweet little redhead with a penchant for animated awesomness. Check it out here and be sure to say hi. She doesn't bite but how can you say no to that face?


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